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we encourage all dev girls
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The core mission is to help girls learn and discover JavaScript technologies through workshops and trainings

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All girls benefit from support and help both personally and professionally from the community

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Meetups and other related events bring the community closer and provide the space for sharing knowledge, networking and fun

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Workshops & Events

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JSgirls aims to encourage all developer girls to take the path of JavaScript technologies.

With the help within the community all girls have access to resources, latest tech events and discounts and developer job openings.

All professionals interested in technology, start-ups and programming and of course JavaScript are more than welcome to be a part of JSgirls community.

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Upcoming events & meetups

BucharestJS September Meetup

6:30 PM 26 Sept 2018 TechHub Bucharest

It comes with great pleasure to announce that September BucharestJS Meetup is proudly sponsored by our friends at - a consultancy company dedicated to helping governments implement transformational reforms in education and health.

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JSHacks 2018 - AI Edition

6:30 PM 26 - 28 Oct 2018 TechHub Bucharest

From the financial sector to the automobile industry, AI has a wide range of applications. In today’s data-driven world, AI has the potential to transform the economic landscape of the world. The emergence of big data, graphics processing unit, and deep learning has led to many advances in AI.


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